Globfone free texting and calling

sms freeInternet is one of the most used technologies today. Not only because it has numerous search engines that make gathering information and locating services easier but also because it has vanished all the barriers of communication. Whether we talk about poor network or expensive call rates or any other telecommunication issue, these problems have always stopped individuals from all across the world in talking freely to their loved ones. But the advent and growth of internet phone service has presented individuals with a better and smooth communication channel that connects long distance people without hindering the monthly budget of callers. Globfone is one such web application that is helping slash the expensive calling and texting rates up to a great extent.

Globfone works on the VoIP technology. It is a completely free of cost VoIP calling and texting service, that lets you connect with your family and friends located at almost any corner of the world. To access this web application all you need is internet connection and Adobe Flash Player browser plug-in. No need to download any software. Simply, by accessing you can start making calls for free and texting your loved ones without paying anything. The user-friendliness and ease of access of this application is what makes people fall in love with it. Getting started on this application is also very easy and straightforward.

Once your headphone and microphone are connected to your PC/laptop and you are all set to have lengthy and fun conversations with your loved ones, click on ?Make call? button, select the country, enter call receiver?s number and your call will get connected in no time. There is simply no need to register or signup. Isn?t it as simple and quick as 1-2-3?  Globfone also presents you with a feature of text messaging. So, depending on your interest and mood choose any option to communicate with your friends and family. You can use this web application to excel in your personal and business lives.

Yes, you can also use to promote your services or stay in touch with your customers as it is more efficient and pocket friendly way to drive sales and improve customer service. This web application proves to be of great help when you need to make an urgent call and your phone battery is dying or your landline is not working. In addition, it is a great choice for all those individuals who love to discuss every little thing with their friends and family but due to high call rates have to filter their talks. Now talk without worrying about budgetary levels. This web app is absolutely free to be used; there are no hidden fees and no sign ups or lengthy registration forms.

When using neither the caller nor the receiver is charged anything, Globfone pays for these calls. You can call from your PC to a mobile phone or a fixed line phone very easily and in no time; just make sure that you enter correct phone number and select right country. Again we are saying that service is absolutely free and will always be. So, don?t look further and stop limiting the number of words/ call to cut down on your phone bill. Speak your heart out, gossip about the new girl in the college or stalk just about anything to anyone, anywhere using Globfone.

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