GoSMS – fun texting

Are you not being able to gossip about the girl next door with your friend at college because your mom is sitting next to you? Why not text him? Oh! Text messaging will burn a hole in your pocket due to high per message cost? Worry not. We are living in the 21st century where there is a solution to every problem. Now you can discuss almost everything with your friends without worrying about your mom or sibling knowing about it or without worrying about your phone bill. GoSMS is your solution. It is an Android/IOS app for free texting. It is a beautifully designed, user-friendly, wonderful messaging app that does almost everything you want in your texting. This app is an inclusive app that not only has wonderful themes but fun emoticons too.

gosmsIt has MIUI-esque interface that supports themes ranging from light colored ones to dark ones and even special themes like Christmas. You can also download font packs and themes. For new incoming messages, a pop-up is launched, making it easier and convenient to directly reply or delete the message within the window. In addition, if you are one of those individuals who like to backup your text chats then this app is just right for you. You can back-up your text messages to your email, SD card or Dropbox. Backing up and deleting messages is also very easy, as this app supports batch actions. Mark all the messages you want to back up or delete and in no time the action will be performed for all the marked messages.

GoSMS also has a feature of restoring your messages if you delete or wipe your phone and want to recover. There is a never ending list of features that make this Android/IOS app a great app to have in your phone. However, there are some features that make it completely different from number of other texting apps available for Android and IOS. Firstly, it has schedule SMS feature that lets you schedule text messages. Whether you want to wish your friend sharp at 12 O?clock in the midnight or you want to send a periodic reminder to your colleague, with schedule message feature you can do it very easily and effortlessly. To schedule a message all you have to do is long press on it.


gosms-proAnother feature that makes GoSMS so popular is security and confidentiality. It has a feature called private box that encrypts messages from selected contacts using a password. Another feature that users of GoSMS find very interesting and beneficial is black list SMS. If you don?t want to receive SMS from someone be it anyone in your contact list or telemarketing companies Then simply by adding that particular sender to blacklist you can hide message alerts as well as messages from inbox. You can also customize blocker setting depending on your requirements. Auto reply is another feature that you will find beneficial and great in this texting app.

Many times it happens that you are in a meeting or driving and you miss a call, or can?t reply the text then simply GoSMS?s auto reply feature can help you in such situations. You can customize the auto reply text as well as settings. This app is faster and makes messaging great fun and efficient.

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