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The best SMS gateways on Internet

Gone are the days when voice calls were the only way to bridge distances and connect with your people. Text messaging or SMS has presented individuals with a very simple and easy way to spread your message. Researches and studies show that SMS is more preferred choice of individuals to talk or stay in touch. Moreover, internet messaging has now presented individuals with a more affordable and easy alternative as compared to SMS sent from mobile phones or now so called ?smart phones?. There are several online portals that provide internet messaging facility. Let?s have a quick comparison of best SMS gateways on internet.

1. Globfone
globfonelIf you want to send text message instantly then there is no better platform then It’s 100% free. Its delivering time is less than 10 seconds. You can send SMS across hundreds of countries. It’s not all – Globfon allows you to make free phone calls directly from website. Call duration can be limited but it is not a big problem if you don’t need to register, login and pay! Globfon is users number one.


2. Skype
skype textingSkype also lets you send SMS. It is easy, simple and quick. You can use your keyboard to type a text message and avoid embarrassing autocorrects. But in order to send SMS from Skype you need Skype credits. Skype doesn?t charge the recipient of an SMS sent by someone using Skype. However, some GSM operator charges may apply, and these SMS text messages may count towards any messaging limit set in subscriber mobile plan.



3. Gmail

Gmail SMSGmail is used by millions of individuals all across the globe for sending and receiving emails. But now it also allows you to send SMS over internet. It lets you send SMS online to anyone anywhere in the world. Sending SMS is also very simple. All you have to do is enable text messaging app from Google labs- in the Google Chat box. You might also need to revert gmail to old chat mode. Gmail lets you send international text messages free of cost but there is a limit – 50 free SMS.

4. SMSCity
smscityLooking for a platform that lets you send SMS internationally free of cost, then SMScity is the answer. This portal also lets you send free picture messages. It is supported in 22 countries and delivery is reliable.



5. SMSsheep


If you like to talk much and looking for a portal that lets you quickly send text worldwide you must visit It allows you to send many sms up to 160 characters each. There is one issue 🙂 – service doesn’t work from time to time. If you can’t access this web page try:


6. CBF sms
cbf-smsIt is a great choice, if you are looking for a portal that lets you send SMS to United Kingdom without any registration. You dont require registration to send SMS fromCBF SMS and is absolutely free. Just enter your number, message and name and click Send. You will then be asked to select for Delivery Confirmation.

7. 160by2
160by2This portal has many different features that make it extremely popular amongst  internet messaging users in India. You can send 160 character long SMS, in many other languages than just English. In addition you can schedule SMS for any day and time for future. Group messaging is also available.



8. AFreeSMS    Update: out sms was not delivered on tests on 04/2014 !
afreesmsWant to send unlimited texts worldwide, without any boundations or credit limits? AFreeSMS is your best choice. You can send any number of messages to any number in the world, free of cost. Slow delivery is just a minor issue here.



9. PumpSMS
pumpsmsThis web portal allows to send free SMS to over 200 counties. Character limit is restricted to 100 characters. You can also send voice SMS, multimedia messages, make free voice calls and more. The only thing little disturbing about this site is lots of advertisements.



ofsmsSend free text messages to anyone, located at any place of the world. They have 140 characters limit. They also recommend mentioning your name somewhere in the SMS, so the receiver can find out who the sender is.

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